Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ten actions that hurt workers during Trump’s first year

How Trump and Congress further rigged the economy in favor of the wealthy

Report • By Josh Bivens, Daniel Costa, Celine McNicholas, Heidi Shierholz, and Marni von Wilpert • January 12, 2018

One year ago, upon his inauguration, Donald Trump described a bleak future for U.S. workers, but declared that, “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.”

Since then Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers have passed a massive tax cut for wealthy business owners, rolled back critical protections for working people, and advanced nominees to key cabinet posts and courts―including the U.S. Supreme Court―who are hostile to workers’ rights and wages.

Now, EPI has published a new report detailing the 10 worst actions taken by Congress and Donald Trump in the last year. Click here to read “Ten actions that hurt workers during Trump’s first year.”

Insider's Report: GOP Strategy to Slash Social Security Is Out of the Same Old Playbook

Right now GOP Senators are maneuvering to slash the already-hobbled Social Security Administration's (SSA) budget by an additional $400 million — continuing an alarming strategy by the GOP to target the Social Security program any way they can. Congress' failure to adequately fund the SSA has already resulted in a hiring freeze and the closure of more than 60 field offices across the country. While the agency's budget has fallen 16% since 2010, there are now 14% more beneficiaries counting on the SSA's valuable customer service.

Today's budget cutters are continuing that decades-long campaign to diminish successful government programs which, since the vast majority of the American public of both parties supports them, can't be killed outright. Yet, at a time when growing numbers of Americans are retiring and relying on the SSA's valuable customer service, these drastic cuts could cause even longer wait times and delays for Social Security beneficiaries counting on their earned benefits in retirement.

That's why the National Committee is using our clout in Washington to push back against these debilitating SSA cuts and urging Congress to restore much-needed funding for the SSA's critical services.

Congress' repeated refusal to provide adequate funding for the SSA demonstrates the GOP's relentless efforts to undermine the Social Security program and reduce critically important services the SSA provides to American workers, retirees, workers with disabilities and their families. This kind of penny-wise, pound-foolish budget approach imposes undue hardship and frustration on millions of Americans and their families.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

A gift for the 17 years of Ahed Tamim

 The Palestinian girl who became a symbol of the Resistance of her People to the Israeli occupation, will turn 17 on January 31st.

 Having been confirmed her detention until the trial, she won t be able to  celebrate her birthday, because she will spend it in prison.

Indeed, between the prison and the court having been set for that day the trial against her.

In defiance of Article 66 of the IV  Geneva Convention, she will be tried in Israeli territory by a military tribunal. So as gift for her 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi will receive from the so-called "only democracy in the Middle East": a conviction.

All the free men and women of the world join the Palestinian people in expressing their solidarity with Ahed, assuring their  that they  will not desist from the struggle for her liberation, that of the minors and of all who are locked up in Israeli prisons for having fought against the foreign state that has been improperly occupying its land for 50 years and now plainly manifests the claim to annex it.

USB stands by the side of Ahed Tamimi and demand the immediate release of the 17-year-old.

USB stands by the side of Palestinian people  and strongly condemns the oppression against the Palestinian people.