Tuesday, December 4, 2018

It's Capitalism

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by Mark Maxey

(PADEN, OK) “If everyone who identifies as a leftist, were to receive a call today that the revolution started tomorrow, 9 am, no one would know what to do,” Mark Maxey, National Coordinator for Movement 4 People’s Democracy (MPD) said. “The left is fractionated, too broad with no clear plan.”
The answer lies with Crush Capitalism, Maxey reflected. The root cause of 100% of our global issues is a direct path to capitalism.
“War, lack of world peace, wage disparity, union busting, denying human rights, environmental ills, class dividing are all products of capitalism," Maxey stated.
“In the 1970s as a 13-year-old middle school student, in California, at that time the Chicano Moratorium was happening, Joseph Hancock, Director of Labor Today said. “The Moratorium, also progressed by our teachers and students rallying against the Vietnam War.” The protests were to bring to awareness that military recruiting/drafting was affecting more persons of color than the whites.”
Socialist Review article by Sally Campbell looks directly into this issue. In the article, it states, “The century since the slaughter in the First World War has been littered with endless more bloody wars. Sally Campbell argues the drive to war is not accidental but inherent in the logic of capitalism.” Sally goes on to say, “This minority of the capitalist class, according to Kautsky [Karl Kautsky, a leading member of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD)], had managed to convince the majority of industrial capitalists that they could only defend their interests in the colonies — raw materials and labor — through war and empire-building. In fact, said Kautsky, the capitalists of different nations could agree peacefully to divide up the world and exploit it.”
The only men who benefit from wars are those with a political agenda.
Divide and Conquer, or the American form, Colonization, is a tool to divide the classes as well as wedge a potential threat of extinction within the races.
Journalist, and National Coordinator for MPD, Mark Maxey, wrote on this very subject late fall of 2018. “Early reformers used their religious beliefs to justify their Manifest Destiny perspective. It overflowed into Congress, which passed Manifest Destiny-themed bills. Indigenous people, meanwhile, were on the receiving end of this religious zealotry. Rape, abuse, kidnap, murder, and genocide were the end results for them. The recent quoting of Biblical scripture by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to justify the stealing of immigrant children from their parents shows that this ideology is still very much alive among at least some sectors of the U.S. government.”
As the long-time U.S. Indian Service teacher and agent Albert H. Kneale noted in his 1950 autobiography Indian Agent, the U.S. Government “went on the assumption that any Indian custom was, per se, objectionable, whereas the customs of whites were the ways of civilization.”
Capitalism is still playing into the mythology of white Manifest Destiny, which goes back to the earliest colonial settlements. Trump’s policies are aimed at stoking the racist anger and resentment of his mass base, but they reflect the interests of the same oligarchy that Sen. Bernie Sanders assailed in his bid for the presidency. In every way, the current administration’s policies show favoritism to those at the top and seek any way possible to divide those outside the ranks of the super-wealthy.
Trump and his team’s “law and order” framework is the same one articulated by President Richard Nixon in the late 1960s and more subtly invoked by Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton as they ramped up the drug war and fueled massive prison expansions during their times in office. We jail and separate families at the border to deter illegal immigration just as we jail and separate poor families within our country because they can’t afford bail or proper legal representation.
It is through the inequalities of power and wealth, capitalism nurtures economic inequality alongside equality under the law.
TruthOut, published a similar story in 2018.  Richard Wolff stated Economic Update: Capitalism Breeds Inequality, in his article. The audio article stated, This week’s episode discusses how globalization has worsened inequality and injustice, how Quebec’s doctors are rejecting pay increases, the significance of the YMCA workers’ strike in Chicago, and the growing Japanese co-op movement.
Paul Farrell’s 2015 article for Market Watch, said, Capitalism is killing America’s morals, our future. In 2013 Six theses were written on the same subject of how capitalism quashes human rights.
In a 1999 class presentation, from a Sociology class at the University of Regina,  says the class division is one of the exponents of capitalism. For Marx, the analysis of social class, class structures and changes in those structures are key to understanding capitalism and other social systems or modes of production. In the Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels comment that the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.
Tithi Bhattacharya and Lance Selfa reported in International Socialist Review. They stated, “This conversation about race, class, and capitalism obviously needs to develop more broadly…”
So capitalism seems to be the ONE item that the left can rally around to crush to bring about a more socialist world. Crush capitalism is the ROUTE for any true revolution for the left.
If the left, rallied around crushing capitalism, then most of our societal problems would disappear completely. Start the new year, 2019 by crushing capitalism, then the left is truly leading the RIGHT revolution.

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